• Posted by Cathy
  • 10 Dec 2008

I turned my battery back on Monday. The last time I was at the doctor’s office a woman who is trained at adjusting the settings, adjusted all of mine. Previously to her adjusting the settings, everytime I turned any setting it felt like it was in my tailbone and would send me through the ceiling! I’ve had the battery turned of since April when I had my bilateral nephrostomy bags. I turned it off to see if it was the nephrostomy helping me out or if it was the battery making me feel better. I turned it back on after my urostomy surgery to see if it would help when the pain came back. But the pain from the battery was worse! So 4 weeks ago when I was at my doctor’s appointment they switched the settings. So far one of the settings that used to be really good doesn’t help, it makes things worse. I turned on another setting on Monday, it is making me tired again and I”m not noticing any changes, it seems to be giving me more pain. So I think I will be turning it off tonight, and hopefully get a good nights sleep! So we’ll see.

So…more about my google alerts. I haven’t found anymore wacky sites but I found a new web page today, called medhelp.org. On there you can register, and keep in contact with other people who have IC. It is a nice page, there are a lot of people on there who contribute to posts daily. Quite a few I have found that are new to IC and just starting out. Oh! Another things I found was a new medication called Uracyst(R) that is currently approved in Canada. They are going to try and get it approved for the United States in 2009. It is a sodium and chondrotin sulfate solution which is supposed to supplement and replenish deficiencies in the GAG layer of the bladder. It sounds good. The only thing the site did not offer was whether or not the medication was working well for people taking it in Cananda. The web site the article was on is the CNN web site. Hopefully this will help a lot of people!


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