• Posted by Cathy
  • 08 Jan 2009

I found out that I’m not bleeding from my bladder but I’m having break through bleeding. I think I’ve posted about me having endometriosis. If I haven’t,then I’ll tell you  I have endometriosis.  I was put into menopause 2 and a half years ago so it wouldn’t come back and I could get my IC taken care of. So I was on a shot (Lupron) and had all the great menopause symptoms! I came off of it and am on my second hormone (Megace-normally used to treat anorexia), because the first was causing too much break through bleeding. So I’m thinking all the pain lately has been from that.  SO the doctor wants me to double up on my hormones for 3-5 days, until it stops. If it hasn’t stopped by Monday I have to call them back.

In my search for new and interesting IC topics I’ve found 3 pretty neat web sites. The first is cystitisrelief.com. It is a whole bunch of people who have IC, and discuss different things that help them, or newly diagnosed people who need help!  Next is healthboards.com. Pretty much the same as above, but you have to join to post.

Last site deserves it’s own paragraph. It’s called clinicaltrials.gov. You can search the site to see what kind of trials are going on. The site will tell you if they are reqruiting and if it is finished. So maybe people can find trials they can sign up for. The site shows how to contact someone about it, and where the sites are located that the trial will take place. Another site I found was centerwatch.com. It is another site to find clinical trials on. It also has medicine information, and health and educational resources. Lots of good stuff on this site.


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