• Posted by Cathy
  • 11 Jan 2009

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m going to talk to them about some of these meds.  My current meds (if I haven’t listed them before) are:

Methadone-5mgs -2 2x’s daily 4 at hs (hour sleep)-taken for pain    Oxcarbazepine -300mgs-1 3x’s daily -anti-seizure for IC cocktail   Cimetidine-300mgs-1 at hs -h2 receptor (tagamet)- for IC   Nortriptyline- 25mg -2 at hs- anti-depressant for IC cocktail Prazosin– 1mg-1 at hs-alpha block for IC  Carisoprodol (soma)- 350mg-1 3x’s daily-taken for pain  Hydrocodone-7.5/500mg-2 every 6 hrs.-taken for pain

So except for the soma all are pretty old med’s I’ve been on for a LONG time.

But I need to get something different. I’m having problems with sleeping now. I wake up every hour or 2 in pain and need to move. Unfortunately because of the bag I can only sleep on my back or my side. I’m a stomach sleeper. I would LOVE to sleep on my stomach again and get a good nights sleep!      So I’m going to talk about pills for relief and something to sleep! I’d do anything for a good nights sleep right now. Thank God for old reruns on TV, at least there’s always something good on!


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