• Posted by Cathy
  • 20 Jun 2009

Well, it’s been six weeks that I’ve really been in this flare. I have ups and downs, it’s some ok days, and more really bad days. I see my urologist on the 1st. I still have to do some more research on the Indiana pouch, hopefully he’ll do it sooner rather then later. I have blisters all the time, and they hurt, and itch really bad!!! It’s really annoying. But we’ll see what he says. I have been thinking lately about what I had planned out for my life 10 years ago when I graduated high school. I was going to go to college, then get married, teach for awhile, have kids, and just have the happy white picket fence, 2 1/2 kids American Dream. But all of that has changed. And it’s ok, I’ve accepted it, and I’ll have a new plan for my life. I’m trying to figure out what it is. I’m doing everything I can to raise awareness, and it’s a lot different then what I planned but I can change my plans to adjust to my situation the God has given me. He won’t ever give me more then I can handle! So I’m working on changing my plans and still adjusting to my situation. I know I should have adjusted by now however, I get thrown something new everyday. So I’m adjusting, just a day by day and eventually I’ll be able to make plans for the future, I hope! But we’ll see what happens.


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