• Posted by Cathy
  • 15 Dec 2009

10 more days until Christmas!!! Well, this is normally the most stressful time of year with making sure trees are decorated, cookies are made and gifts are bought and wrapped! So this is a very very hard time of the year with people with IC. Stress gives us more pain. So we really need to make sure that we keep our stress level down. There are some great relaxation CD’s on the Interstitial Cystitis Network website. There are ones specifically for IC. I have one, and it is a God send! I use it at night to relax me enough to go to sleep, but after you’ve listened to it enough you can use the breathing techniques in order to calm yourself down and get your pain levels down. So the other thing we have to watch out for is the holiday food!!! We all LOVE to have all the good food we only get about once a year. We all love it, and it’s so good, but there are some foods that we just can’t have because of our IC. It will give us a HUGE flare up, and I know I’ve spent the past 5 Christmas’s in extreme pain. So I’m trying to think of everything that could help us all have a good holiday. One medication that I found to be WONDERFUL is Prelief. I take it before a meal and it works wonders. I’m not saying take it and you can eat anything! But it does help with the acidic foods. It is meant to take the acid out of foods. I would tread lightly. It does help, but I wouldn’t go and eat everything acidic in the world. If there are some foods that you really enjoy eating at the holidays and you know it’s going to make your pain level go through the roof, use the Prelief. I would try it before the holidays just in case. Try it with some spaghetti sauce, or something that really bothers you and see what it does for you. You just take it right before you eat and it helps a lot! You can buy it over the counter. There are some pharmacies that don’t carry it. So check your pharmacies now and see who carries it. I checked Rite Aid and they were one of the pharmacies that did carry it. If they don’t have it they can order you some and you’ll get it within a week, normally within 2-3 days. So try the Prelief see what it does for you and hopefully you can eat some of the wonderful Christmas foods that you’ve enjoyed so much, but make your holiday horrible. So everyone enjoy I hope that some of the things here will be able to help you enjoy your holiday!


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  1. christinapannell Says:

    Hi Cathy, I went ahead and registered so that way we are up 1 step, I really enjoy what has been done with the site, Wal-Greens are the main pharmacy that I have found that carries prelief, also as much as many of us like the cranberry sauce at the holiday even with the prelief I have learned that it is still a bad flare, so maybe we can try to avoid that food and it helps with the flares on the holidays, I love it but I am also learning to avoid certain foods, cant wait to talk to you, Many Hugs,, Love you

  2. Cathy Says:

    I’m so glad you joined Christina! Thanks for the info on the prelief it will help a lot of people looking for it I didn’t know they had it at Wal-Greens. So that will help out a lot. When I was looking for it I never even thought of Wal-Greens, I had just known where I’d ordered it before and went and got it! But thank you for telling us about it. Thank you for sharing about the cranberry sauce as well. I LOVE cranberry sauce, but I avoid it like the plague. I wish we had something that we could take to be able to let us eat whatever we want. We just get to be among the ones who have to change a little. I’m very excited to talk to you as well!!! I’ll talk to you later today! Love you!

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