• Posted by Cathy
  • 30 Nov 2008

I urinate frequently through out the day. Sometimes as few as 10 and others as many as 30. The WORST and most FRUSTRATING time of the day is bed time. I normal write and read or just read for awhile before I go to sleep. Let’s say I want to go to bed at midnight (I’m a night owl) I will get up 3-10 times before I actually fall asleep so I end up going to bed between 1 or 2 instead of midnight. I don’t know if I have a fear of not waking up or what it is, but I just can’t fall asleep until I feel like I don’t have to go anymore. But the time I reach the 3rd or 4th time I’m pushing to get just a little bit out, and it makes my pain worse. I know there’s nothing in my bladder but it sure feels like there is (just another wonderful symptom of IC). Any different way I lay, side, stomach, back, it feels like I have to go. No matter how tired I am or if I’m falling asleep I still get up and go. Half the time I’m falling asleep on the toilet! It’s so frustrating and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m hoping the interstim (nerve stimulator) actually works!!

Written November 25, 2007


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