• Posted by Cathy
  • 04 Dec 2008

I am finished with all of my surgeries for now. The 7th was the worst day!

When I went into the doctor’s we decided we were going to keep the system and put in a battery. So after we decided yes, the nurse practitioner started looking for my surgery time (already scheduled because I would either be getting a battery or having everything removed), she couldn’t find my name. So she called and found out I was on a wait list which I had never been told about when they changed my surgery date (again) to the 7th. So I called on Friday(like I was told to do to find out my surgery time) and was told they would talk with my doctor and they would call me either Friday night or Saturday morning. So by 2:00 Saturday afternoon, I had talked to about 7 people and I finally got “Sorry but the anesthesiologist make the decision and they would call me Monday!!” So….on Monday I know they start surgeries around 6Am. So I gave them until about 8:30, I called at 8:30 then 11:30 and then again at 1:30. I got answers of “Sorry no time yet,” “he’s only got 2 or 3 surgeries yet, so you’ll be in soon,” and my all time favorite “he went on vacation, got in late and waited to call you,” so they put me on hold and came back with “you should just reschedule because you won’t get in until midnight tonight.” Needless to say I was very upset, I had already had this thing in for an extra week. So I was crying, I was upset about the call, I didn’t want these wires anymore, and I’ve had terrible insomnia since Thursday, I was chewing Tums like there was no tomorrow and was in extreme pain from the stress of the situation. So my step dad told me to get ready and we left to go to the hospital. Within a half hour of being at the hospital they took me in and at least got an IV started since I hadn’t eaten anything since midnight the night before and it was about 4 in the afternoon. So while I was waiting for the IV my nurse practitioner came in, then my doctor, then they finally put in an IV. I got a run around about why this was all happening (the excuses were crazy, OH my doctor wasn’t on a vacation, he was at a seminar about IC). So I met the manufacturer while my parents were there, and it was nice, he had been so helpful already and done so much for me. Next thing I knew they were taking me to pre-anesthesia. I was originally told I was going to stay the night because I wasn’t going to be operated on until late. So by 7pm I was in the OR and was going home at 9PM. I was taught how to use my remote control and antenna. The first setting was going for 16 seconds then stopping for 8, then going for 16 and stopping for 8 and so on. I started going to the bathroom quite a bit on that setting. So I changed it, I’ll keep it on the new setting for a few days and see what happens. My doctor said something to me before my surgery which I found very interesting. He told me that the research for treatment of IC can be done, however what they really need to know is what causes it. So, I’m going to try in anyway to help. Hopefully we’ll see a cure soon!

Written January 13, 2008


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