This page is going to contain some helpful hints for your Urostomy. There may be some things that you are already aware of and some your not. You are going to have accidents with your wafer and bag. They happen to everyone. I have had a couple at night when I’m sleeping, and only 1 while I was awake. Remember they happen to everyone, it is embarrassing but it happens, your friends and family will understand. If you have any suggestions of things to add to this list let me know. The more helpful hints we have the better!

-You will need to buy long shirts. The bag hangs down quite a bit depending on where your stoma is going to be located. You will need shirts that are long enough to cover it.  -I have been told wearing stockings up and over your bag help so no one will see it through your shirt (I don’t have a lot of problems with people noticing it), I have never tried this, but if anyone does let me know how it works out!

– Make a Velcro strap that will fit around you. When you get out of the shower take a really, really cold wash cloth and put it under the Velcro strap you have around you, the washcloth should be placed over the stoma and the Velcro strap should be under your stoma to help with leaking (I use the Nephrostomy straps I was given). This will help keep the urine from dripping while you are getting out of the shower and drying off or whatever your after shower routine is.

-A really really cold washcloth will help hold the urine in your stoma for a while. I haven’t timed how long, if I have drank a lot of fluids before I use an ice cube wrapped in the washcloth and it helps hold the urine off longer. If I haven’t had any fluids a cold washcloth will help for as long as you need to get on the wafer, plus a little while longer. While I am getting my wafer cut (I use a cut to fit wafer and 2 piece bagging system), I keep the washcloth on; I don’t keep the Velcro strap because the angle I am at (propped up on pillows, sitting at an angle) is enough to hold the washcloth on.

-If you use Adapt paste, put it on your wafer and let it sit for about 2 minutes. This will allow for the alcohol to evaporate so it won’t irritate your skin.

-When you use Adapt powder, put some on your skin (don’t over do it or the wafer won’t stick), and then use the skin prep or adhesive spray or wipe to dab on top of the powder. Make sure it is crusty and no powder is left. This will help the powder to stay on your skin and make the wafer still stick.  The powder will help tremendously with any blisters you get, and with dry skin under your wafer. I have started using the Adapt powder just on the inside of the skin where my wafer will sit, just because that is where I get the most skin irritation. I do get skin irritation on the underneath of my skin where the skin like adhesive is. I use some Triple Antibiotic or Neosporin to put on, I use a Q-tip to put it on. I then take a gauze pad and cover it with paper tape. I only use the paper tape that is 4 inches or more because I find it sticks better then anything that is smaller. But that’s what works for me, so whatever you use keep using. Just because I use it doesn’t mean it’s exactly right for you. Use what will help your skin the best. The paper tape is helpful to me for helping me not get more blisters.

-After you put on the wafer, you need to rub it until it becomes body temperature to help the adhesive stick better. Using a blow dryer will help with this. It will heat up the adhesive faster and help it to stick.

-You can also use a hair dryer to “re-stick” parts of the wafer that have come loose. It is good for corners and the edges that seem to come loose a lot. DO NOT use it to re-stick parts of the wafer that have come up from an accident with urine. It will cause you to get blisters on your skin, and they are very painful!

-Over night bags will develop deposits. To remove these make a quarter cup of solution by mixing half water and half white vinegar. Put it into your overnight bag and swish it around and it will remove the deposits.

**I have been looking at what people are looking up that will lead them to this site, there are some things about Urostomy bags that I saw and I would like to address them so that I can give you guys more information because I care about what you want to know about and I want to help everyone. So I’m going to address some of those issues right now so that you have some answers. The way I find out about these is I have a program and it tells me what people have typed into the search engine that led them to my site. So I’m going to do the best I can. I will continue to add to this as the different searches come in, so this will keep growing, just like all of the other pages! So keep searching and let me know what you need, and I’ll try and help you the best I can. **

How to hide a catheter bag: I don’t have a catheter bag. But I do have a Urostomy bag. The way I hide my bag is to buy longer shirts. I also buy tank tops to make it look smoother and to even out the look of the bag. I have heard that you can tuck it into your pants or you can put stockings up over it and it will help hide it. The stockings and the pants will help to hide the bag. If the catheter bag is different and hangs differently I’m not sure, so I will go and look up where they hang and see if they are different then the Urostomy bags, I’ll do the best I can with this one.

How long should a Urostomy bag stay on? I have found I can have a bag last about 4 days. The thing is sometimes the outside of my wafer like the very outside edges would come up. Then I put some tape on it. But with all of the different types of the wafers out there it is different for every bag. I use wafers with tape and there are also tape less wafers. The tape less wafers stick for about 3 days. So it varies, but I find that anywhere from 3-5 days is the max I can wear it before I change it. So it might differ for you. I am working on the page for products. I know there’s nothing written but I’m going through my catalogs and I need to call the companies to make sure that I can mention their names. So there will be more products up sooner and it will be easier to explain. So thank you for bringing this up and I will remember to put how long I was able to wear each wafer that I have tried.

How to get a leaky Urostomy bag to stick: The only thing I can say is DO NOT try to get the leaky bag to stick. Change the bag. What you can do is use the cold washcloth and an ice cube to get the urine to stop long enough so you can change it. I know the leaking is hard and you can only get so many wafers and bags a month. The only thing I can suggest is that you can change the bag, or and this goes against everything I would recommend, this is only if you’re desperate and that you are running out of bags, is to blow dry it and make it dry out. You would just keep the wafer on you and blow dry the wafer. I do not recommend this because it will cause you to get blisters and lots of pain with bad skin. The other thing is maybe the wafer isn’t cut right or it isn’t big enough for your stoma. Measure the stoma again, you might have an oblong one, so you have to cut it differently, but measure it and make sure you are cutting the wafer hole the correct way. If you have an oblong wafer you can’t get the precut wafers. So those are the only things I can think of, if you still have problems, go and talk to a stoma therapist (or nurse) and the can help you figure out some other solutions. Please remember don’t dry the wafer if your leaking unless it’s absolutely necessary. I understand how it is, I’ve been there where I’ve been running out of wafers for the month and have no other choice, so I do know what it’s like, but you will have really bad skin and it will be really painful.