2/25/10- I want to let people know, that when I get an e-mail saying I have a new user that I send an e-mail to that e-mail address to make sure it’s a good e-mail address and someone isn’t just putting in a false e-mail address. So please don’t do that. I do want to apologize to the people that were the first people to register as a user to this site. All of the e-mails went to my spam mail. So I have everything fixed and it’s coming to my normal e-mail. I will be sending you some thank you e-mails. I’m sorting through a lot of e-mail right now. I have an update. I will be making up the urostomy products page with in the next week. I’m planning on taking pictures of what I have here at home and posting them so it’s easier for everyone to understand what I’m talking about. So thank you everyone for your patience, and for joining the site. I appreciate it so much!

2/5/2010-I have reading what people have been looking up that leads them to this site. It’s like the key words people type in to get information and those key words is what lead people to this page. I am going to start a page that will answer those key word questions. I’m going to try and start it tomorrow. I’m really sick with some flu like thing so I’m hoping I will be able to start it tomorrow. If not I have someone that’s helping me now, her name is Tramaine, and she will have her own page. Right now she is writing under a post. But she will soon have her own page. So it’s good that I will have some help. This site has become huge! I’m so excited, when I started it I never thought it would be this huge! So I’m really excited and I’m glad I have someone who is able to help me out! So hopefully tomorrow and over the weekend I will have some new things up, and we’ll get some of those search word questions answered. Thank you everyone for all of the support to this web page. I really appreciate it! -Cathy

I have been looking at what people are looking up that will lead them to this site, there are some things about urostomy bags that I saw and I would like to address them so that I can give you guys more information because I care about what you want to know about and I want to help. I am adding the information to the urostomy care page, and will be updating it when the search results come in. I will also try and add other things throughout according to where they fit in the pages I have and update those when I get search results as well. So I am paying attention, and I will be updating the urostomy products page I just have to make some calls, I know I keep saying that but it’s for real I promise. I have changed all subscribers to contributors. I am creating a new page and now you will all be able to share your stories, and we can help each other by sharing things that have happened to us, and things that have helped us. So I hope you all enjoy, and we can make this a site about all of us. Thank you for your faith in this page and for wanting to know more. :) I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m feeling a lot better and I’m going to work on updates and such starting tomorrow

(11/25). So I will give you updates on what is going on with me, keep sending out thank yous to all of our subscribers! And I’m going to update everyone to contributor and then make a page so everyone to contribute their trials and tribulations! Also, everything that is helping you and that is not helping, hopefully we’ll be able to get something going that we can help each other out! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! I have seen that we have 93 subscribers to this web page. I can’t tell you how excited I am and that there is this many people. I am going to open everyone up as contributors and I am going make a page to share your experiences. We can have a discussion type page, share experiences and help each other out. I would like some responses about this and see how everyone feels. I would really appreciate it. So if we can get some comments on this I would really like to hear from everyone. I also want to thank everyone for joining. When I started this it was for an outlet for me and I was hoping to help people. So thank you so much! I will be updating soon, and I will be publishing more. So I will make the page, and I will also be working on the urostomy product page. Thank you all again!