• Posted by Cathy
  • 04 Aug 2010

On Monday the 9th I’m going to have another cystoscopy. I’ve been in a flare for 2 weeks now. Some days really bad some days not so bad. But it is definitely IC pain that I’m having. So my doctor would like to do another cystoscopy look in my bladder, take some pictures, see if it’s shrunk some, and he is also going to put some silver nitrate in to help treat the pain and spasms. I have read just what wikipedia said about silver nitrate said about it, and it didn’t give me much about treatment. I have been having some urethra spasms as well. I HATE urethra spasms they make me feel like I have to pee so bad! I know it’s not true because I don’t use my bladder. The doctor did give me some Gelnique Gel (oxybutynin chloride) and it helps instantly! I need prior approval for medicaid so I’m waiting on that. I also have switched counties, so I’m having difficulties with switching everything, and it’s soooo different then the last county (a lot bigger) I’m having problems with return phone calls. Tomorrow is going to be spent calling my social worker every 15-30 minutes.

So back to the cystoscopy. I totally trust my doctor and will do whatever he wants to do. He’s been going on this journey with me for 3 years now and I totally trust his expertise. So I will give you all the results of what happens after the procedure. I’m a little frustrated as well. I’m hoping I’m not backsliding. I’ve been feeling so good for so long and like always 2-3 months after a surgery I start getting pain again. But I’m going to look at this as we’re catching this early and this will help, then we’ll be all set. So I’m hoping this silver nitrate will work!

  • Posted by Cathy
  • 19 Aug 2009

Well, we’re at almost 2000 visitors. When I started this site, never in a million years would I have dreamed I would have reached that many people. I knew some, but not this many. I am overjoyed that I have been able to at least get some information out to people about IC. It’s amazing and I am so happy! Well, now that I’m done telling you the good news, here comes some bad, well, bad for me. I had another cystoscopy on July 17th, it showed that the pinpoint hemorrhages have decreased, how much I don’t know, I’m seeing the doctor soon and I want to see the picture to see how much. That is the good news, my bladder has shrunk, which is typical of IC bladders. But they found out that my vaginal walls are very thin. That could be causing a lot of the problems. I need to do some research about that and then I’ll post it on here. I’ve been on medication to have me not have my periods for 4 years now, and that could be the reason, not enough estrogen. So I go to see my gyno on the 1st so I’ll get some answers then. Which is good because I see my uro on the 2nd so I’ll be able to give him some answers about what my gyno says and if he’s going to change anything in my pill regiment. So, hopefully I’ll get some answers and then I’ll be able to hopefully have the pain subsided some. I’ve started on Lyrica, which has given me some pain relief, I’ve been able to start really walking and exercising and doing more. The only bad thing is that the was that my hands and feet and face were swelling. I tried to get an over the counter water pill, but that didn’t help. So then I got a prescription waterpill, and I can finally see my ankles again! LOL! So things are going really well around here, and no bad news yet, there’s still some pain, but I’m more at about a pain 6-7 everyday now. So you can’t complain to much about that now can you!